How to Pack your Items in a Metal Storage Unit

Storage units are widely used in the US. A good number of people, including families, individuals, students, and businesses are keeping their items in storage facilities for one reason or another. Whatever your reason for using one, one common factor is that when filling a unit, you need to have a strategy to make sure that your items are safe and easily accessible. Rather than filling the unit with no thought to retrieving items, think ahead, and plan for your next visit to the unit. This is because if you do not pack your items correctly or as you are supposed to do, you will find it difficult to locate any one that you want. Improper packing of items in the storage units can also cause damage to the unit. Here are some of the tips that you should use when you are packing your things in storage units.

For most items, sturdy cardboard boxes are appropriate for storage. Find boxes that are small enough that when filled, they will still be able to be moved. You may need to move things around in the unit to get to the box you want, and if all the boxes are too heavy for one person to life, you’re going to have a hard time. Label boxes clearly, and fill according to type of object or to how or for what purpose the items are used. Keep two lists of what’s in each box: one inside the box, and one separate, in a file in your home or office.

As are you packing the boxes in the storage unit, keep the boxes containing the items that you will need regularly on top or in position that you can easily access them without having to remove other boxes. Also, while packing the unit, leave some floor space in the shape of walkways among boxes. This way you won’t have to move 75% of your boxes to get to the one that’s buried at the back of the unit. You’ll just have to approach it from the correct walkway, and then maybe move one or two boxes that are on top of the one you want.

Metal objects can easily get rust when they are exposed to wet or when they are not properly treated. So, if you are storing any metal object in the unit, you should try to treat the object against rust. First make sure that the unit is dry and the object is moist free before you keep it. Apply rust protector on the object so that it will not rust. For machines that have movable parts like lawnmowers, it is advisable that you apply oil or grease on the movable parts so that it will not rust.

Warning: You should never store flammable liquid or gas in the storage facility. If you do, you are putting your item and the entire facility into serious problem. There is the probability of the liquid catching fire due to high temperature. It is also possible for somebody or even you to enter the unit with a cigarette forgetting that such liquid or gas is kept there. You should keep these consequences in mind.