Commercial Storage Containers For Drywall and Sheetrock

When it comes to residential and commercial construction, few jobs are as messy or strenuous as drywall. Handling large, heavy sheets of sheetrock and storing it so it stays undamaged and secure can be a huge hassle, even if your project is relatively small. For big jobs with lots of drywall, figuring out a way to store sheetrock supplies becomes a major burden for even the most experienced builders. Yes, drywall is relatively strong and durable once it’s installed. But before installation, it can get chipped, broken, warped, or damaged in lots of other ways, which means a waste of material, increased costs, time delays, and a lot of frustration, too.

Moisture is a major problem for drywall stored outdoors. Even if it doesn’t rain or snow, the ambient moisture in the air can easily warp or weaken drywall. If your job site is really crowded or disorganized, little bumps and dings can mar the smooth finish of the sheetrock, not to mention damage the edges, making it really difficult to tape and finish later on.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to all these problems, and it’s probably a lot simpler — and cost-effective — than you think: Use job site storage containers from Haulaway Storage Containers to keep your drywall (and sheetrock supplies) safe, dry, and undamaged. We offer five sizes of storage containers, which means you can find a container that “fits” your site, even in relatively small or cramped areas. Our construction storage containers are completely weatherproof, which means you can rest easy knowing the sheetrock won’t be damaged by rain, snow, or other nasty weather. Bottom line: Haulaway Storage Containers offers job site storage you can count on to keep your tools and materials safe and sound throughout the entire course of your project, so you can feel confident your workflow will be smooth and uninterrupted. To learn more about the commercial and industrial storage containers we offer and how they can help you with your next project, give us a call at 800-826-9040 or use our online form to request a quote today.


GREAT customer service from Michael!! I needed a storage container for a community renovation and he was quick to help me. He addressed any questions I had and I will definitely be using them in the future.

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