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Service Guidelines


Thank you for choosing Haulaway for your weekly waste and recycling collection!

TRASH REMOVAL: Please have your waste out to the curb the night before or by 7am on your designated trash day to guarantee a pick up. You may use regular trash cans purchased from retail stores, cans you may have purchased from other waste providers, or you are welcome to just put out bags. Haulaway will service up to 10 bags INSIDE and OUTSIDE of your containers (Haulaway defines a bag as 30 gallons or less weighing 40 pounds or less) of regular household waste per week (waste generated from your kitchen and bathroom on a weekly basis) or bundles of branches (i.e. 5 bags and 5 bundles is fine). Any bags over 30 gallons WILL be counted as 2 bags so you would only be allowed 5 bags if bigger than the 30 gallon size. Any extra above and beyond the 10 bags or bundles WILL be left behind unless scheduled through our office 24hrs in advance of pick up. We do ask that all trash be bagged and tied inside or outside of your trash containers to eliminate blowing and animal access. If you spray a little watered down Vinegar on your lids and/or bags, it will help to keep the animals away. Moving boxes must be broken down, stacked, and bundled to be accepted as waste.

YARD WASTE: Grass clippings and leaves must be bagged in 30 gallon or less bags and weigh less than 40 pounds per bag. Tree limbs must be cut into sections no longer than 3 feet in length with no branch larger than 4 inches in diameter. Each bundle must also weigh less than 40 pounds. Each bundle takes the place of one 30 gallon bag of trash for example: you can have 5 bundles of branches and 5 bags of waste, 3 bundles of branches and 7 bags of waste, or any other combination up to 10.

BULKY ITEMS: Please call our office at least 2 days before your regular pick up day to schedule any bulky (large) household items. Most acceptable bulky items will be picked up free of charge with the 2 day notice but some items are chargeable based on the item placed out for pick up or based on the area where you live.

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: Haulaway will not remove: Tires, rocks, concrete, carpet, drywall, lumber, dirt, sod, tree stumps, paint, motor oil, fencing, animal carcasses, appliances containing refrigerants, e-waste, other construction or remodeling debris, combustibles or toxic wastes. Please call our office for options on how to dispose of these items.

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Haulaway will be operating on a delayed schedule for the following nationally recognized holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Please see the Holiday/Recycle Calendar section for a downloadable and/or printable schedule to determine which Holidays may affect your service.

RECYCLING SERVICE: Please also have your recycle out by 7am on designated service days. (See Holiday/Recycle Calendar)

There is no need to separate recyclables (Single Stream). Please keep all recycle cans/bins under 40lbs. You may use your own bins if you have designated recycle bins even if they are from a different company. If providing your own recycle container(s), please make sure they are 65gal or less and clearly marked “RECYCLE” with a magic marker, recycle sticker, etc. To help with any confusion, please set your recycling a couple feet away from your trash or on the other side of your driveway if possible.

What kind of paper products can be recycled?

All white and colored paper, magazines, coated paper, folders-manila-coated or colored, adding machine tape, post-it notes, brochures, pamphlets, newspapers- including inserts (no plastic newspaper bags), junk mail, envelopes, computer printouts, posters, all correspondence-direct mail, and all paperboard (cereal and soda boxes) or cardboard (even wax lined cardboard). Moving boxes must be broken down, stacked, and bundled to be accepted as recycling.

Please DO NOT include:
Carbon paper, paper plates, paper cups, tissue paper, lunch bags, napkins, paper towels, candy wrappers, (any items with food waste on them), plastic grocery bags, trash bags, newspaper bags, or any Styrofoam (including packing peanuts).

What plastic, glass, and aluminum products can be recycled?

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7 “washed out” plastics (any plastic product with the recycle symbol and a number), Glass (colored or clear), aluminum, and tin cans (you may leave the labels on, but please remove the lids). Please do not include oil, pesticide, or hazardous material bottles.


GREAT customer service from Michael!! I needed a storage container for a community renovation and he was quick to help me. He addressed any questions I had and I will definitely be using them in the future.

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