CR&R is the parent company of Haulaway Storage Containers. CR&R has a rich history of innovative and environmentally friendly waste solutions like composting, bio filtering, anaerobic digestion, recycling and alternative fuels; CR&R was formed in 1963 by Clifford Ronnenberg.

In 1963, Stanton was a rural town with a few thousand residents. One day a community leader approached the Ronnenbergs to see if Clifford would consider a proposal to take over the city’s solid waste management contract. The business was a one-truck operation having trouble meeting its obligations. After careful consideration, Clifford agreed to purchase the business, and CR&R Incorporated was formed.

After several years of hard work and determination to build a successful solid waste business, Clifford realized there was an opportunity to develop a recycling operation that would complement his business. Within a few short years, CR&R became one of the largest recycling operations in California.

Orange County, as well as the greater Southern California area, continued to see exponential development throughout the 1960s and 70s and a transition from rural farming communities to a bustling metropolitan region. With Clifford’s construction background and an eye for spotting emerging trends, he identified a business opportunity to serve the burgeoning construction industry through the development of a portable storage container rental business. This resulted in the formation of Haulaway Storage Containers in 1968, a division of CR&R. Today, this company now has offices serving seven western states providing portable storage container needs for residential, construction, retail, schools, government, hospital, and office use.

Over ten years in development and at a cost of over $80 million, CR&R has now completed and is operating the first large scale anaerobic digestion facility located in Riverside County. This state-of-the-art facility produces renewable natural gas, soil amendments, and fertilizer by processing organic material collected from residential customers. The renewable natural gas produced is used to fuel CR&R’s fleet of over 1,000 vehicles with excess gas distributed and marketed through the use of the Southern California Gas Company’s system.

What started with one truck servicing one small rural city has grown to a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles serving over 3 million residential and 50,000 business customers weekly. Today, CR&R is one of the nation’s largest privately held solid waste management companies.


"I want to thank John for his persistent care and customer service... I feel like he actually cares about us and our needs, and that speaks volumes. I personally liked his communication via email, and that he was available to speak with me, even in different time zones... Haulaway is great. I will always recommend and think of them for future needs." -M. Chappo 

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