Haulaway understands the unique budgetary and administrative needs of government organizations and public agencies.  Throughout the Western United States you’ll see our storage containers helping municipal, state, and federal agencies handle their storage needs. We offer quick delivery and the best customer service in the industry. Haulaway customers count on quick responses, delivery within one business day and a team that gets container exactly where they’re needed.

Security is paramount for government materials at any level, from local to federal.  Haulaway Storage Containers have a sophisticated security system to keep materials safe from vandalism and theft – our 20’ and 40’ containers use our patented Rhino Locking System for the most securein the industry.

Government agencies trust Haulaway for law enforcement and fire department training equipment. Police, fire and rescue, EMT teams and hazardous response teams have used storage containers for event simulations.

Recently, schools have been using Haulaway containers to store excess furniture and equipment that is being temporarily eliminated due to social distancing requirements.  Storing unused equipment takes a great deal of space that schools just don’t have due to larger class sizes and shrinking budgets. Offsite storage is inconvenient, expensive and leaves items inaccessible. Haulaway’s Storage Containers allow everything to be stored onsite in a convenient location.

With branches throughout the Western US, Haulaway provides clean, secure container storage in your local area. From local schools, to government facilities to military installations, Haulaway can deliver secure and weather resistant storage containers exactly where you need them at the time you need them.


GREAT customer service from Michael!! I needed a storage container for a community renovation and he was quick to help me. He addressed any questions I had and I will definitely be using them in the future.

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