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The Process of Renting a Storage Unit

If you have made up your mind to rent a storage facilities, you should follow certain processes so that you will get a good one and at affordable price. The process starts with your searching for the storage units. There are different ways through which you can find available storage units. You can hire an agent to do that for you for you. It is always easy to get a nice storage unit through the services of an agent but you have to pay the agent fee. You can also make use of the internet in searching for one.

However, whether you are searching for it yourself or you’re are doing the searching through your friends or an agent, it is better that you visit the storage facility by yourself to see how the environment looks like before you can make any commitment. It is not good to assess a facility based on what people tell you. Visit the place yourself and have firsthand information. Speak with the management to find out what services they offer. Some facilities also provide packing services free of charge while others do not.

Normally, the renting of a storage unit is similar to that of apartment. However, the rental fee is mostly paid monthly or little by little. This is because unlike apartment rental, storage facilities are normally rented for short term bases. However, there are also some people that may rent them for long term purpose. So, payment is made as long as one continues to use the storage facilities. If you pay for a long time and you are no longer in need of the facility, you may have problem getting back your balance. This however, depends largely on the agreement between you and the company. This brings us to another aspect of storage unit renting process.

The rental agreements should be properly done. There is the tendency for some people not to take it serious. But just like every other type of agreement it is necessary that you take the rental agreement serious. As it has been said above, the storage unit renting is the same with apartment renting. So, every caution that is applied when one is renting an apartment with regard to the agreement should also be applied here. It is advisable that you get your lawyer involved here. If the business has already prepared the agreement, before you sign the contract, make sure that you understand every word in the contract and their legal implication. This is why getting an attorney is important.

Terms that are used in the apartment renting are used here also. So, you should also know some of these terms so that you will be able to understand the contract very well.

Another important factor that you should always consider when you are renting a facility is the integrity of the company. Take time to research on the reliability of the company, if the business has history of theft, you may consider having another option.

Security Issues to Consider when Renting a Metal Storage Unit

One of the reasons why people rent storage units is because they want to secure their items. This is why most people do not overlook the issue of security. If you are renting a metal storage unit, there are several security issues that you should take into consideration. Experience has shown that items can be stolen in storage units. Such cases are most of the time difficult to handle because in most storage facilities, the owners of the properties are responsible for the security of their property. Given the above, it is highly necessary that you take the issue of security seriously. Here are some issues that you should take into consideration to reduce the security risk involved in the use of storage facility.

The Location

When people talk about security with regard to the storage unit, they rarely consider the location of the facility. Most people only check the security systems in the facility. Though this is good but you should also consider the location of the place. There are some areas that have history of crimes while some areas have clean records as far as crime is concerned. So, it is important to look for a storage facility in areas that are crime free. This will at least give you the peace of mind that your items are secured. But if you rent one in areas that have history of security risk, the tendency of losing your item through burglary is high no matter how strong the security of the facility is. You can even be waylaid when you are taking back your item from the storage unit.

The Security Systems in the Facility

This is of importance. The fact that a storage facility is located in an area with no history of crime does not in any way mean that burglary or theft is impossible in the area. Remember, it takes only a day to begin a history. Just have in mind that anything can be possible at any time. This is why you have to ensure that the facility has reasonable security systems like cameras, surveillance systems, security alarm and others.

Human Security

It is not enough to install security systems in the facility. There is also the need for human security. If there is no human security, the security systems are to a certain extent useless. This is because they can be manipulated also. Besides, if there is no person to ward off the thieves when an alarm system rings, then it will be of no use. The alarm will ring and ring while the thief will carry out his evil deeds.

The Metal Container used for Storage

It is good that metals are very strong and reliable, but you need to check the container very well to see if there is any flaw in the construction that can make it easy for thieves to break in. For example, the container should not have any opening except the door.

What Type of Lock do you Have?

Your metal storage unit is only reliable to the extent the lock is reliable. If the lock is not reliable, the reliability of the metal construction means nothing.

Why Choose Office Sized Metal Storage Units?

These days, you’ll find office buildings just about everywhere. As companies expand, so do their number of satellite offices. Many companies are rapidly deciding to go global, which comes with its share of extra employees, resources, and paperwork. Efficiency is the name of the game, and the smoother the business operations, the more successful the company becomes.

Part of the aforementioned efficiency comes in the way companies choose to style their offices, as well as how they store and move necessary equipment, supplies, and more. These details mean a lot for the success of a business.

Office sized metal storage units are durable, practical and strong. They are lightweight, which makes them easy to move or relocate if a business changes office locations or needs to send things to a different building. Metal storage units come in all sorts of different designs, sizes, and styles, so businesses not only know they’re getting a good looking piece of equipment that’s also sturdy, safe, and efficient.

Due to advances in technology and science, metal can now be manipulated into different shapes and sizes. You can easily find a manufacturer who will design a custom storage unit to meet your specifications and needs. Metal can also be cut neatly and efficiently with the correct equipment, which makes it an even more tempting material to be used for all sorts of different things, including office storage.

Most office sized metal storage units are made from stainless steel. The main benefits of stainless steel are that it’s anti-corrosive, hygienic, very strong, lightweight, and it looks good. With all these elements combined, it’s an excellent value for its cost. Many containers are constructed of recycled scraps of material, which means you’re helping the environment, too. In addition, they’re heat and fire resistant and can be used in places with or near extreme heat without damage to the unit or the contents. High impact resistance rounds out these effective, mobile storage units so that all important stored goods stay secure.

Metal storage also has long term financial advantages. The durability and easy maintenance of office sized storage containers like these means that they’ll last for many years without losing their appeal. They’re also simple to clean, so keep ‘em shiny!

Hundreds of companies offer storage units for office use. If you research nearby companies properly, you’ll find the best price for your office budget. If properly cared for, metal storage units can last up to one hundred years or more, which gives you the option of selling them when they’re no longer needed, or they can be recycled.

With companies becoming more environmentally aware, this can be a great way of promoting yourself to your consumer base. Office sized metal storage units offer great benefits and are definitely worth considering for your next office purchase.

The Usefulness of Storage Units

You’ve probably at least heard of storage units, even if you’ve never used them or given them much thought before. Maybe it’s time for a closer look! Storage units do so much more than off convenient storage space. Even the people without excess stockpiles of goods can benefit from utilizing storage facilities. Here are some reasons why you might benefit from using a storage unit, even if you’re not sure you need one.

Create Space

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you’ll want potential buyers to get a good impression of your property. Keeping everything clean and organized helps with this a lot, so it’s a good idea to pack up excess furniture and clutter in a storage unit temporarily. Once you sell, if you haven’t found your new home yet, you can rent out a storage unit for your large items and without needing to bother your friends or family with storage. The process of finding a buyer might end up taking longer than you expect, so it’s best to pack up everything you can do without and leave only what you absolutely need.

Help with Moving

You might get a job promotion or transfer without getting much time to find a suitable home. You might find yourself living in a hotel or small apartment as you search for a permanent home. A storage unit comes to the rescue, once again! A hotel will not allow you to move in with your household belongings, and an apartment might not have enough space to fit all your family’s belongings.

How to Rent a Unit

Before you put all your eggs into one basket, there are some things you need to clear from your checklist. When you find a well-located storage facility, you should contact them by phone or online to discuss renting a space. Take a tour of multiple facilities to confirm that they are safe, up-to date, and have all of the amenities you’ll need. If you are pleased with what you see, you can discuss the rent payment and find out whether it is an affordable and competitive one.

When you are content with the price, you can move on to the terms of agreement. Some of the requirements for the facility might be strict or limit what can be stored there, so you should know all the facts before you sign.

Protect Your Assets

Many storage units are modern and in fantastic condition, but you still have to consider some possible risks. Find out if the facility includes insurance against damages or loss of property being stored. Even if you never need it, it doesn’t hurt to know the option’s available.

Storage units from reputable owners will also feature good security in order to protect your valuables. Make sure to ask about the security measures that are in place to prevent theft.

Benefits of Movable Storage Units

Movable storage units are designed to be portable. These units are fantastic and convenient for people who are always on the move or businesses that need to store goods that can be easily relocated. Goods stored in portable units do not need to be unpacked, which means they’re quick to transport. Storage containers do require some specialized equipment to move, such as a forklift, since they have to be lifted on and off trucks.

Movable storage units are probably the most convenient type of storage because of how easily they can be packed. For other types of storage units, everything you’re planning on storing has to be packed up, driven to the location, and unpacked again before organizing it in the unit. This is a very cumbersome process and wastes a lot of time. It also increases the chances of things getting damaged due to the number of times they have to be packed and unpacked.

Movable storage units eliminate this cumbersome process because the unit is simply taken directly to the location where the goods are to be packed. Once everything is properly stored, the unit is taken to the storage location. When the owner needs the items in the unit, it can be moved easily to the desired location and unpacked directly.

Many mobile storage units are owned by companies that maintain storage areas in rural areas. This often allows for easy access to deliver a storage unit anywhere it’s needed. The client then locks the unit and it is transported to the storage facility. When the client wants their stored belongings, the unit is loaded onto a truck and delivered to them. Construction sites are a good example of places that need to temporarily store their equipment as they work on the project at hand. In this case, the storage unit would be delivered on site and then used for storage. After the construction is complete, the unit is hauled away.

Movable storage units are also popular for storing seasonal inventory and equipment. The inventory to be moved when needed, and once the season changes, the inventory can be moved back to storage areas until the next season. Movable storage units are not only practical, but also very convenient. Although they may cost a little more than ordinary storage, they are worth the extra cost.

Understanding Residential Storage

Residential storage is a widely used service offered by various companies. One of the common applications of this service is when customers are moving. Customers can transfer their belongings slowly to a storage container as they vacate one premises, and then can transfer them into their new residence when ready. Individuals planning to shift from one state to another in the shortest time possible use this service.

As the economy recovers, business trips are increasing in number and there is a greater change that corporations and private companies will shift from one place to another. Corporate relocation is on demand especially in Africa. More and more companies are focusing on Africa because it offers plenty of space for expansion. Generally corporations prefer to shift their goods rather than buy new ones, so they can save on unnecessary costs. Bookings of residential storage in ports and other facilities have never been busier.

Commercial moving is entirely dependent on profit margins. If businesses can afford an appropriate service that will move their goods safely with a minimum of hassle, and if using that service is less expensive than buying new furniture or supplies, they will use that service. Office moving is only one element of the larger category of commercial moving. It entails things like the transfer of shelves, computers, desks, and other office equipment.

It is important to note that residential storage is relatively inexpensive. Companies such U-Haul, CubeSmart, and Mobile Mini are well known providers of residential storage. Storage containers are widely available throughout the country, and wherever you’re located you probably know of storage units nearby.

When choosing a company to provide you with residential storage, you’ll want to consider a number of things. First of all, have you created a realistic budget for this storage need, potentially as a part of your larger moving budget (depending on your situation)? Compare the prices of companies in your area if flat rates are listed on the company’s website, or if quotes are available. Second of all, does the provider use appropriate security measures on all of their storage units or containers? Consider honestly the personal cost of having your belongings stolen or damaged, and make your decision accordingly. Third, are the company’s storage spaces properly sealed against weather, humidity, and bugs or animals? Finally, are the containers offered by the company an appropriate size for your needs, so you’re not paying for space you don’t need, and also not cramming too many items into too small or an area and potentially damaging them? Residential storage is a great resource when you find a provider who suits your specific needs!

Styles and Types of Portable Storage Rental Units

When you’re looking at portable storage units, you have a lot of options available to you. Here are a few of the different varieties of units you can expect to find.
A refrigeration unit provides a climate control effect through a process that involves removal of heat from one state to another, preferably from a low temperature to a higher one. Any clients looking for this type of unit to maintain their perishable or climate-controlled goods should call ahead to a company that provides such units for a reservation and price quote. If the company can’t provide a unit, they can recommend another facility in the area.

Other types of rental storage include public warehousing and port centric warehousing. Public warehousing involves renting a warehouse for a specific amount of time for a certain fee. Most facilities offer their own terms and conditions and may terminate a contract if those terms are exceeded. For instance, if an owner and a renter had agreed to rent a warehouse for a specified number of hours, the renter should not exceed the time limit agreed upon. If he does so, then an additional amount will likely be due to the owner.

Many rental storage containers are also used for transportation of items, and the cost is dependent on the distance and weight. Boat storage is one of the fastest growing businesses in America today. Not only is it luxurious, but also relatively inexpensive and reliable. On weekends and during holidays, it’s nearly impossible to book a reservation for this type of storage. The good news is that the number of companies offering this service is fairly high, so interested parties can find something pretty easily.

The two core factors to consider in the boat storage business are boat licenses and deposits. Anyone considering this sort of service must deal with these two things. Anyone who refuses to pay a deposit will not get the service. Secondly, these services only apply only to individuals who hold a valid driver’s license. If you haven’t met these two standards, then you won’t be able to use the service. Many business also will not offer refunds, so it’s best to know that going in.

If you have any questions about boat storage rental or warehouse rental, please contact a local service provider and let them know. There are a number of regulations and concerns regarding these services, so it’s best to stay well informed!

Understanding the Process of Renting Storage Units

If you’re looking for a good storage facility, it’s wise to plan some site visits. This gives you a chance to see for yourself how the storage units are arranged. Whether you’re looking for a long-term solution or a temporary one for storing your belongings, make sure you keep an eye out for an excellent facility that’s priced right for your budget.

Your ideal storage company is the one that takes commitment to integrity and truthfulness seriously. Even when you’re not sure what size or type of storage unit you will need, a business with good customer service will always be happy to help. When you find a company like that, they’re much easier to trust. You’ll also want to ask about the types of things they typically allow to be stored in their facility.

Example of things stored in storage rentals include:

Office Files
Work equipment
Motorcycles & Bicycles
Old Video Games
Model Trains

How renting storage works

Rental contracts are typically paid month-to-month — renters usually pay a small rental fee at the first of every month until they no longer need the storage space.

Storage rental agreements are a major consideration when choosing which unit to rent. Here are some terms that you should know if you are renting a storage unit:

Term – The period of the tenancy and the minimum rental term.
Rent – The amount for the rent and the date it’s due.
Change of Address – If you need to update your address, this is the process used.
Administration Fee – Non-refundable administration charge accepted to rent/reserve unit.
Security Deposit – Lessee pays security deposit in advance for stated amount.
Notices – All notices go through first class mail postage to lessee’s last known address. All constitutional notices should be sent as required by law.
No Warranties – No implied or expressed warranties are prearranged by the facility owner.
No Oral Agreements – Agreements of any kind for rental or lease should be in writing, and oral agreements are not applicable.
Succession – All necessities of this rental agreement apply to and will be obligatory upon all successors in concern, representatives of the parties here to.
Enforcement – If whichever part of this rental contract is unenforceable for any reason, in any circumstance, the two parties agree that such issues shall be enforceable in specific circumstances and the residual parts of this contract will be legal and enforceable.

Late Charges and Other Fees:

Denial of Access
Release of operator’s liability for property damage
Release of operator’s liability for bodily injury

You should never sign a contract that you haven’t read through and understood in its entirety. For any questions concerning legality, confer with your legal advisor.

History of Residential Storage Units

The history of the storage unit can be traced to ancient times. Historical evidence shows us that storage facilities existed as far back as ancient China. However, the residential storage facilities we know today came about in the 1960s. One of the first storage units in the United States was established by the Collum family in 1958 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Thanks to the success of these early storage facilities, more were built as time went on and demand increased. This gave rise to the development of new residential storage facilities. By 2009, there were already about 58,000 storage facilities owned by 30,235 companies across the United States. There are many people today who are starting their own storage business, as well as many families enjoying the convenience of residential storage units.

Features of Residential Storage

Residential units have some features that differentiate them from other units, such as the absence of windows in the unit. They often feature a roll-up metal door, similar to a one-car garage door, through which the renter or storage operator can access the facility. The facility often has corrugated metal walls, and after a tenancy agreement is signed, there is a provision for the renter to lock the unit.

Many storage facilities offer specially controlled security features like security cameras, electronic gate access, unit door alarms, fire alarm systems, and more. In some residential facilities, biometric thumbprint or hand scanners are utilized in order to make sure that only authorized persons have access. Some residential storage units also offer climate control and upgraded lighting.

The value of a storage unit depends on the number of features it offers. Most business owners include a number of features in their storage facilities in order distinguish them from competitors. These special features do tend to come at a higher cost for the renter. Residential storage units are available also in different sizes. The 10×5 ft unit size is the most popular. Other sizes include 20×20, 15×20, and 10×20.

There’s always a size that will suit any need. However, the cost of the residential storage unit depends on its size as well as the features that are available, such as climate control or outdoor-only storage.

Storage facilities are not only available in the urban areas. There are also storage facilities in most rural areas for those that may need extra space beyond their homes. While not everyone will need a storage unit, here are a few examples of people who may find them useful:

Families that have little space to store their belongings
Families that are renovating their homes and are looking for storage units to park their belongings in order to make space for the renovation work
Families that are still looking for new accommodations
Families that have heirlooms to secure that they do not want store in their homes

Understanding Refrigerated Storage

You need refrigerated storage suited to your unique needs. Temperature-controlled warehouses offer storage for goods on the ground, while transport units can also be temperature controlled to preserve perishable goods in transit from one facility to the other.

So how do you figure out what you need, specifically? If you need to transport meats, for instance, you would consider the type of meat and the volume. Large volumes require more powerful refrigeration units. Companies that offer storage facilities will usually provide information regarding the quality and capacity of their facilities. You can compare the prices and make an educated decision about the facility. However, the greatest consideration should be for the facility that caters for your refrigeration needs perfectly regardless of how much it costs. This will help to minimize other costs if the commodities are not properly refrigerated.

Here are some things to consider when choosing refrigerated storage services:

  • Location. Is the service close enough to your business to allow for fast delivery, which will ensure your goods stay fresh?
  • Price vs. quality. As mentioned above, you need find the best provider available in your area for the money. Making a realistic budget ahead of time is a great way to prepare.
  • Security. Will you feel comfortable leaving your goods in the storage units of the company you choose? Make sure they have appropriate security measures in place.
  • Space. Does the vendor have an appropriate amount of space available for the contents you intend to store there? Do the math up front so you don’t realize too late that a few months down the line, the facility will no longer fit your needs.
  • Humidity. Should be controlled at about 50%.

The best way to ensure all these are in order is to actually visit the facility. Don’t rely on the word of its management. It is better to be safe than sorry later on when you realize that what was advertized is not available or is substandard. Before you sign the contract awarding the tender to a certain service provider, read the terms and conditions very carefully to avoid unfavorable clauses and hidden charges.

There are many facilities you can utilize for refrigerated storage. The only suitable facility for you may be one that’s located very near your manufacturing plant or other base of operations. Special storage containers make this possible in most places. You can decide to lease or buy your own container. Containers come in various shapes and sizes that will suit your specific needs. Some refrigerated storage providers offer cold storage facilities as well as inspection, and import and export of goods.

Containers are suitable for smaller-sized cargo, but you can use refrigerated warehouses if you have massive cargo to store. Companies can offer you a preexisting warehouse, or they can build a new one especially for you. If you have the resources, erecting your own storage warehouse is preferable, as you can customize it to fit your needs exactly as you want it. If you do choose to erect your own, you’ll want to look for the most effective refrigeration that’s at an  appropriate, economical price for your business and your budget. Consider your storage needs in one month, six months, one year, two years, and five years. Do you really know exactly what they’ll be? You may want to budget extra space for possible expansion during the building process, because it will be more difficult to renovate your facility down the line than to build it large enough to begin with.