Space… we never seem to have enough of it in our homes. With the modern city homes becoming small in size, creating storage area inside home is a big challenge. With a little patience and thought, you can cut the clutter and create amazing storage solution by making use of the space available. The lack of enough storage space is not only an issue with apartments, but also with many houses that are not well designed and this result in things lying around the house in an unorganized manner.

When we talk about adding extra storage in your home, most people tend to think about buying containers such as large sized jars, boxes, and baskets; however you would still need some space to keep those containers. Having too many storage containers in your home can also give it a much cluttered look, hence it is important to make sure that all items are kept away neatly.

To start with, sort your things and distinguish the “stuff” inside your home into things that are useful, things that you use rarely, and things you don’t use any more. We tend to be emotionally attached to some things and refuse from parting from them, but the fact is that they are cluttering your home. So, put away the things that are obsolete or you no more need them in your life.


Now, coming to ways to add extra storage space in your home; you may consider having more shelves that can be used for keeping books, toys or other stuff. The metal or wood shelves will not only add storage space but also make your home look neater. You can have the wall mounted shelves or the adjustable ones you can add to your wardrobe when required.


Dressers are another great way to add storage space to home as the drawers can hold a lot of stuff including clothes so that they are not scattered around your home. You can polish your old dresser, paint it and make it look like new. Although this might mean some investment, trust me it will be worth it in the long run.

Storage Furniture

Remember your college dorm beds? You may raise your bed using the cinderblocks and keep boxes beneath it and cover them up all with an extra long bed sheet having frills. Another good way to store you stuff is to build a storage box bed and store all your items inside the box.

Make the most of the space available inside your closet by adding an extra shelf or another rod may be. Don’t leave any area inside the closet unused – the upper shelf, place for hanging clothes and the floor area.

Next, the hooks on the wall allow you to hang a lot of stuff on your wall, so that they do not make your house look cluttered. You may have a decorative hook, a small peg nails, or a plain nail on the wall, anything helps in storing the stuff. You can also hang tote bags on these hooks, and these bags come handy when you need to hide some loose papers so that your house looks tidy.

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