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Job Site Storage Roofers

Job Site Storage RooferSet up job site storage for the roofers that will come in and put the top on your residential or commercial property and they will have a great place to go for the items they need. Our team at Haulaway Storage Containers can offer you a variety of sizes to make sure you have the container that will be perfect for the job you need to get done. Let the roofing contractor that’s going to build the roof on your building have the right job site storage for the work getting done.

When you call us you will be able to choose from five sizes to store the materials needed by your roofing contractor. We have containers that open on both ends and the quality location for the job site storage you want to offer the team that’s going to put the top on your building. We’ll deliver the right job site storage containers that are perfect for you to make sure the roofers at work can keep their stuff where they can get to them easily and make sure they can get the job done quickly and more efficiently.

Once the job is done, and you need the job site storage container picked up, we’ll be out quickly to remove it from the property. This allows the roofers to have what they need while the work is taking place and the container to be gone when the work is done. One call to our team at Haulaway and your roofing contractor will be thanking you for the job site storage you let them enjoy when it’s time to get things done. Give us a call and we’ll make sure your contractors have what they need to do the job right.

Job Storage Containers Drywall

Job Storage Containers DrywallWhen you’re called upon to build a home or business, you need to have job site storage containers for all the materials for the job including the drywall. As a material that is meant for indoor use, you don’t want to have the drywall you order getting wet and ending up damaged because you didn’t store it in a place that allowed it to get wet. Give us a call at Haulaway Storage Containers and let us offer you the drywall job site storage you need to make sure your materials stay dry.

When you store your drywall in one of our job site storage containers you’re going to have a sealed container that won’t allow the rain or weather to get in. You can feel secure knowing all the materials you put in one of our containers will remain safe and secure after you’ve secured it every night. We offer five different sizes to make it easy for you to have the job site storage containers you need to keep your drywall and other materials safe and secure from the elements and the weather which also makes it easier for you to get your job done.

Don’t trust the old and worn out containers that some companies offer, let us offer you the right place to keep your drywall. Our job site storage containers are guaranteed to be safe from the weather to make sure you can know your materials and your tools will be safe and secure for every day you need to get to work. Call us at Haulaway and we’ll bring the job site storage containers that will be the place you’re looking for to keep the drywall and other materials in you’ll need for the job.

Job Storage Containers Sheet Metal

Job Storage Containers Sheet MetalIf your job requires you to have storage containers to keep the materials, including sheet metal, for the job you need to call our team at Haulaway Storage Containers. Our team of experts will provide you with the right storage for your sheet metal so that the contractors you have on site can get the job done the right way. No matter the container size you’re looking for, we have the right one for you with five different sizes to choose from and the durable build that makes our containers the ones you should trust.

Do you need a container that can be opened on either end? If so, the storage we offer for sheet metal that will be right for your contractors will be the twenty-one or twenty-six-foot containers. With one or more of these job site storage containers you’ll be able to offer a place to keep the sheet metal needed for the job at one end of the container with the tools at the other end once the work day has completed. This makes having a container that opens on both ends right for the work you need to get done.

When you provide the right job site storage containers for the sheet metal work to get done, the team will be able to work quickly and know the tools and the materials they use will be secure and ready for them on a daily basis. Choose our team at Haulaway to provide you with the storage you need for the sheet metal your contractors will be using on the job. They will certainly thank you for providing the right place to keep their gear and materials to get the job done the way you want.

Job Storage Containers Plumbers

Job Storage Containers PlumbersFinding the right job site storage containers for the plumbers on your job to use can be a challenge unless you know the right team to call. Give us a call at Haulaway Storage Containers and let us handle the job site storage needs you have. We can provide you with the storage container that’s the right size for you to be able to complete the job you have to get done. When you provide our storage containers for your plumbing contractors, they will be able to get the job done more efficiently.

The Job Site Storage You Need When You Need It

The job site storage containers we offer can be delivered and set up wherever you want on the location. This will be the storage for your plumbing contractors to keep all their materials, tools, and necessary equipment while they work on the residential or commercial property you need them to set up with the running water that’s needed. Check out our job site storage containers and give us a call to make sure you can have the right place for your plumbers to keep their stuff while on the jobsite getting the work done.

Why do you want to provide storage for your plumbing contractors? By offering the right job site storage containers for your plumbers they will be able to be more efficient on the job site and will make it easier for you to have the place they can securely keep their items. Give us a call and let us offer you the job site storage you need for the work that’s about to get done. Our team at Haulaway Storage Containers can help make sure you have the right place for your contractors to keep the materials and tools every day.

Job Storage Containers Electrician

Job Storage Containers ElectricianThe job site storage containers you need as an electrician can be found at Haulaway Storage Containers. You’ll be able to choose from five different sizes including ten, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-six, and forty-foot sizes to let you enjoy the right place to store your materials as you work on the job site. You don’t want to have to leave the job on a daily basis to go to the store to find the items you need for the day. Avoid this problem and have the job site storage for electrical contractors from Haulaway.

If you choose the job site storage offered for electrical contractors of either the twenty or forty-foot containers, you’re going to have the benefit of the patented “Rhino Locking System.” This is a system on the job storage containers we offer at Haulaway that provide you with the best security in the industry. If you need to have access on either end of the container to the materials you store inside, choose the twenty-one or twenty-six-foot sized containers. These are the right containers for any electrician to have a secure location to keep the materials needed for a job.

Not only will you want to have one of the job site storage containers from our team at Haulaway for the work you can get done, but you’ll be the electrician that’s the envy of the other contractors on the site because you have a place to keep your tools and your materials. Let those other folks know about the job site storage offered by our team at Haulaway so they too can experience the convenience of the container storage offered. These containers are great for electrical contractors and for every type of construction contractor on the job.

Job Storage Containers Contractors

Job Storage Containers ContractorsAs you plan your next job, you need to figure out where you’re going to find the right storage containers to keep the materials you’ll use. When it comes to what other contractors in your area like the best, the containers from Haulaway Storage Containers are the team you need to turn to for the job site storage solutions that are right for you. Give us a call and let us help you have the container you need for the job that you’re about to work on with your construction crew.

What makes the job site storage solutions offered by Haulaway the right choice for you? Our storage containers are offered in a variety of sizes to make sure you can have the right choice for you. Even if you’re about to work on a small job, you can choose the right one of the job storage containers from our list of models and keep the job affordable for you. As the leading choice for contractors across several states, you’re going to be glad you called Haulaway to find the right container to store the materials in that you use on the job site.

On the job, you want to have storage containers that make your job easier. Choose the right models that other contractors rave about and select from the five different sizes and the impressive construction style that keeps your items safe and secure on your job site. The storage containers we have at Haulaway can make it easier than ever for you to have the right place to store the items you’re going to need when you get to work on a daily basis. Give us a call today and let us bring you the container for your job.

What are Metal Storage Units used For?

The popularity of metal storage units continues to grow at a very fast rate. This is because of the fact that they are durable and provide for secure storage. They are also widely available in addition to being affordable when compared to storage units made of other materials. Apart from ready-made units in the market, users can also opt to buy customized metal storage units, in which case they can choose the design and materials they prefer. Here are some of the common uses of these metal storage units.

Safes – Safes are metal storage units specially designed and constructed for the purpose of storing cash and other valuables. Most are designed to be fire resistant and actually feature a fire rating. These are used in varied areas including retail outlets, financial institutions and offices as well. They are also used in homes. Safes are available in different sizes to suit different valuable storage needs. Gun safes are one important and common use of safes. Guns and ammunition must be kept in separate, secure locations, for safety.

Metal Document Units – These units tend to be fireproof as well, because they are used to store paper documents that could easily be damaged in a fire. These units are typically used in office settings.

Metal Filing Units – These are not fire-proof and are mainly used for storing document files. They are designed with shelves and drawers that provide for easy storage and access to stored files. They are very common in registry departments of companies and other organizations.

Metal Media Units – These are specially designed metal units that are designed to be fire-proof and used for storing varied computer media including CDs, CDROMs and diskettes amongst others.

Metal Inflammable Units – These are specially designed storage units used for storing inflammable goods. They are common in retail outlets where such commodities as gas cylinders are sold. They are usually designed to be fire resistant.

Metallic Bathroom UnitsStorage units designed for bathroom use are quite common in homes. People use them to store toiletries, towels, and toilet paper to keep these items close at hand but out of sight in an attractive storage unit in the bathroom.

Metallic Kitchen Units – Units designed for kitchens will have drawers and shelves for the storage of pots and pans, cutlery, cookware, or other items that people want close at hand in a kitchen but need a place to store. They can be custom designed or bought as is from any number of home goods stores, online or in person.

Garage Storage – Perhaps there is nowhere that metal storage units are as valuable as in garages. Those designed to provide for garage storage are large and have their internal sections strongly constructed. These are in most cases used for storing vehicle spare parts and other accessories.

Metal storage units can be designed for any number of uses, and depending on size and structure may be best suited for any of the above uses. They are highly useful and very common. They may be purchased from various retailers depending on the use they are needed for, online or in a physical outlet.

Storage Unit Renting Terms

Just like in the renting of apartments, there are terms that are used in the renting of storage units. If you want to rent a storage unit, it will be nice for you to know these terms. Knowing the terms will be of use to you in a number of ways. For example, if you do not know these terms you will not understand the contract agreement. This is because the terms are utilized in the writing of the agreements. The implication is that you will be entering into the agreement that you do not fully understand. It is a terrible mistake to sign any contract that you do not know what it is all about. Here are some of the terms that you should know.

Administration Fee: This refers to the fee charged by some facilities in order to carter for the paperwork process cost. It is different from other refundable or non-refundable fees that may be charged by some storage facilities. The administrative fee is not as much as the normal traditional deposit amount.

Business Storage: This refers to the storage space meant for businesses and not for individuals and families.

Brass Lock: This is a special type of lock given to an individual using a storage facility. The brass locks normally are corrosion and weather resistant. They also come with anti-pick tumblers.

Climate Control: This refers to a special type of storage unit that has special system for controlling the temperature of the unit. In this type of unit, the temperature control system can keep the unit warm during cold weather and cooler during warm weather. This is specifically meant for the storage of items that are sensitive to changes in weather or items that must be stored under a specific temperature such as drugs and other chemicals.

Non-climate control unit: this is also known as cold storage. It is a type of metal storage unit that is not protected from changes in temperature.

Locker: This refers to the storage space rented by an individual. There are various names that they can be called, namely, space, units, storage units or store rooms. Units are available in a number of sizes to suit various needs.

Month to Month Lease: This is a payment option used in the rental business. Here, it is used to mean that the payment for the unit will be made on monthly basis until the tenant stops using the unit.

Pro-Rate Rent: This is the rent you pay for the month you start using the unit. The pro-rate rent is calculated based on the date you start using the unit. So, it is always less the monthly rent unless you start from the first day of the month.

Rent: This is the amount you pay on monthly basis for the use of the storage facility. However, the payment mode is normally stipulated in the agreement.

Rental Lease/Rental Agreement: As implicit from the name, this is where the agreement between the rental business and the renter is stipulated. The agreement becomes legally binding on both parties once it is signed.

Metal Storage Unit – Security Measures

Insecurity is one of the major factors that affect any business. To ensure adequate security in any established business unit, some measures are to be taken to that effect.

Precisely, in a metal storage unit where valuable items are stored by people who wish to keep it safe for future use, it is excessively prone to suffering the wrath of criminals who know fully well that they are invading a place regarded as a home of great affluence. A metal storage unit suffers almost the same misfortune with banks because of how similar the nature of their business is.

In the course of securing a metal storage unit, the first means normally used is that of “padlocks.” They are used by the management to lock up the storage unit so as to restrict it from unwanted unauthorized individuals who have inimical plans towards the unit. In most cases, the keys to these padlocks are given to the management of the storage unit. This is only after an agreement has been reached by the manager of the storage unit and his client. Sometimes, customers try to be a little bit more astute by opting to keep the keys themselves. This is for two major reasons; one of which is for fear of being betrayed by the managements and staffs of the metal storage unit at one time or the other. The other is to avoid risking his/her private storage unit keys to misplacement by the management which might be the story one day.

In recent times, keys are not found reliable due to the poor quality ones being produced by its manufacturers. People who do not wish to fall a victim of theft and the already affected ones now opt for the use of “access codes.” This is a more dependable means of securing valuable items. Despite its dependability, it seems to be risky in some aspect.

As this access code involves the use of numbers, alphabets and symbols which only the owner of a particular storage unit or any second party whom it has been entrusted to should know. There is a risk of forgetting the code in future. This will now require a lot of processes to be undergone before the victim can get access to his belongings.

In some cases, the access code machine might develop some faults which if not rectified the affected user cannot get access to his belongings. Sometimes, this is the major reason why its users prefer to confide in someone than to keep it all to themselves.

Another medium of securing a metal storage unit is by making use of monitoring video cameras. With this one can monitor whoever goes in and out of the unit, what they do, when they enter and when they leave. This is to track thieves who try to penetrate the storage unit. It also monitors the activities of the staffs to which the upkeep of the storage unit is entrusted to their hands.

Advantages of Metal Storage Units

Unlike in the past, the use of metal storage units is now at an all-time high, something definitely attributed to the advantages that the units provide. There is no doubt that the need for storage has always been real. Whether in a home, office or in a manufacturing industry, the need for proper and safe storage is high, a fact that has led to emergence of specialized manufacturers who make available different designs of metal storage units that are now very popular across the globe.

One great advantage that is associated with these units is the fact that they are available in different designs, styles, colors and sizes. While some are designed for outdoors storage, others are specifically designed for indoor storage. The differences in design, style, size and color afford both home owners and industrialists to have the most appropriate units that meet their storage need. It is usually the design of a unit that informs what can be stored in a unit. In most cases, those designed to store heavy and bulky items have their internal areas strongly constructed to bear heavy weight without causing any damage internally, and vice versa.

Compared with storage units made of other materials, metal storage units are very strong and therefore durable. Although some are finished off with other non-metal materials to make them appealing, the internal metal remains intact on any impact. Furthermore, metal units are the easiest to clean and do not require the use of specialized cleaning materials. They are therefore very cost effective in the long run.

Another valuable advantage with metal storage units is the fact that they come in pre-assembled pieces. This is eliminates the need for one to figure out how to put a unit up. More importantly, the pre-assembled pieces are usually finished off and one is not obligated to undertake any painting. This saves on time and any labor expenses for painting a unit and putting it up.

There is no doubt that of all storage units, metal storage units are the most secure. Most are actually designed with keyed handles for locking. Those that do not feature lockable handles come with slots through which padlocks can be used. Still others come equipped with knobs on which chains can be wrapped around to secure the same.

Although metal storage units designed for use outdoors are usually heavy, those designed for use indoors are usually of lightweight. Some are actually lighter than storage units made of other materials. They are therefore easy to move around just in case the need arises. As a matter of fact, some feature wheels for ease of movement.

Because of the varied advantages, demand for metal storage units is bound to continue rising in the coming years. This is particularly true considering the fact that their retail price is relatively low compared with other units made of other materials. The fact that they are durable also means that they can be sold as used units almost at the same price they were bought and still provide for secure storage.