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The Variety of Metal Storage Units

In the same way that the storage needs of individuals or businesses differ, metal storage unit manufacturers work hard to design and provide a variety of different sized units for their clients. Individuals and companies alike can easily find storage units that are the exact size to fit their requirements. Custom-sized storage units are also available, which are designed and manufactured according to specifications provided by the client. Compared to standard units, custom-sized units do cost slightly more due to the customization.

If you want to get technical, safes are the smallest available metal storage units, but that doesn’t mean that all safes are small. The smallest units are designed for use in homes and by small businesses for storing cash and other valuables. Financial institutions handling large amounts of money typically make use of larger safes, and because they are specially designed to provide for fire-proofing, safes are generally very expensive.

Mid-sized metal storage units are considered the most common because they’re used in a variety of areas. They are typically designed for office and home use. While those for office use are mostly used to store files, those for home use can have a variety of different features to suit any need. While some are left open without any compartments, others feature shelves. Still others feature lockable drawers or doors for securing stored items.

When it comes to large metal storage units, they’re most often used by manufacturing companies for storing raw materials or finished goods, retail outlets for storing flammable items such as gas cylinders, and shipping companies. Any units used by shipping companies are designed to withstand the stress of transport and long shipping times. While many units don’t feature any special customization, others used for transporting perishable items feature refrigeration equipment for temperature control. These metal transportation storage units, typically referred to as “shipping containers,” are now often used as offices and stores, depending on where and how they’re utilized. The larger 40 or 80-foot units are occasionally transformed into temporary or permanent housing.

The size of metal storage units is very important because it’s a unit’s size that informs its use. In addition to size, a customer may also want to consider design, style and color. While these units are typically constructed of metal like steel or aluminum, they may also have a vinyl or other coating that can come in a variety of colors. Something else to keep in mind: larger units typically cost more. However, it’s good to note that a unit’s functionality can also determine its price, so even a smaller unit like a safe can be expensive despite its reduced size.

In order to ensure uniformity when it comes to metal storage units, size standards are in place. All manufactures are obligated to keep units of certain standardized sizes to ensure that consumers have access to similar units across the world.

Tips for Choosing Locks for Metal Storage Units

Many steps have been taken to make sure your storage unit is secure. You’ve probably chosen a facility with as many security measures as you thought were necessary. There may be a security guard or cameras. The facility is probably fenced in, if it’s not indoors. But, even given all these precautions, it’s a good idea to choose a lock for your unit that’s as secure as possible, because you never know when the security of your objects will come down to this one last line of defense!

Some cities and neighborhoods have high crime rates. If the area where your unit is located is one of these, you’ll want to be especially conscious of the steps you take to protect your belongings in the storage unit. One thing you’ll want to do is consider the following steps for choosing a good lock.

In choosing a convenient lock for a storage unit, one needs to consider the environment in which it is located. In an area where crime is high, the best available type is preferred. A disk lock is one of the best option when it comes to security locks. To break through this lock is almost impossible. It is made of stainless steel which cannot be drilled with any type of drilling machine. It also cannot be broken by means of using any metal. Therefore thieves do not think of trying storage units where they find out that they are being secured with such locks.

Also, you’ll have to consider what you need to unlock the lock you choose. Does is use a key, in which case you’ll have to be responsible for the key? You’ll have to have the key with you every time you visit the unit, and you’ll have to store it in a safe place the rest of the time. If the lock uses an access code, you’ll have to remember the access code.

Some locks are in some cases being accessed illegally by criminals. A typical example is the padlock. Some padlock keys can be duplicated. With this duplicate key, the criminal can be able to gain access to the proposed victim’s storage unit. Therefore one should be ready to hold himself responsible for any theft encountered in his storage unit if he uses an unreliable padlock. Also, some access code machine doors are being hacked by people who have the knowledge of doing so. Therefore its users should try to make use of reliable ones to avoid theft.

The Variety of Sizes for Metal Storage Units

Metal storage units together with concrete storage units are the most popular types of containers that many storage facilities are using today. Owing to the fact that the storage needs of consumers differ, there are various sizes of metal storage units provided by these facilities. It is the item that a consume wants to store that will determine the right size for the person. There are different sizes of metal containers that can be used for storage purposes. The popular ones are 10, 20 and 40 feet containers. It is important that you under the difference between each of these types of metal containers in order to know the type that will be suitable for you.

The 10 foot containers are those containers that are 10 feet in length which is 120 inches. They are small size of metal containers for the storage of little item. However, as metal can be cut into parts, it is also possible to join two 10 foot containers in order to form a 20 foot container. It is also possible to cut it into half to form a smaller metal storage unit. This size of containers is more flexible and so can be used for movable storage unit though a bigger size container can also be used.

The 20 foot containers are double of 10 foot containers. They are equal to 240 inches. They are moderate size and are suitable for people whose items are not much but cannot enter 10 foot containers. It is used in ships for storage purposes as well as in storage facilities. It can either be made directly or by joining two 10 foot containers together. They are normally rectangular or square in shape.

The 40 foot containers are larger than standard size containers. The length of this type of container is equivalent to 480 inches. It is indeed a very large size of metal containers. It is used for the storage of large items in the ships and storage units. It is the commonest type of containers that are used for movement of heavy goods from one place to another. Cars and other heavy items are normally stored and shipped with this type of metal container.

A number of features can be included in each of these types of metal containers to suit the type of things that will be stored in them. For example, alarm system as well as fire alarm system can be installed in any of these sizes of containers in order to beef up the security of the storage unit. Normally, they do not come with windows. They all come with one door. However, extra doors and windows can be created depending on the purpose they are meant to serve. For example, 40 foot containers can be used to create an office space. In this regard, it will require the addition of window and extra doors if there is a need for that. Space can also be created for the installation of air conditioner and other features that are available in an office.

Metal Storage Units at a Glance

There are different types of storage units and they can be made from different types of materials. There are some that are made with strong plastic materials. The most popular ones are made from metal or concrete.

Metal storage units are normally constructed with corrugated metals such as steel and aluminum. Just like every other type of storage unit, metal storage units regardless of the type of metal that is used for the construction are available in a number of sizes.  There are 10×5 feet storage units made from metal as well 20×30 feet ones. There are also extra large metal containers that can be converted into an office. Each size is meant for the storage of a particular size of item. In other words, it is the size of items that you want to store in them that will determine the size of metal storage unit that will be suitable for you.

Metal storage units are highly durable thanks to their metal construction. This gives them an edge over other types of storage facility. Normally metal storage units come with only one door. There are no widows in them unless the unit is converted to an office.

Normally, metal storage facilities are located mostly in rural areas rather than in the cities. You will also find them in places close to the cities. However, this does not mean that there are no storage units in the cities. You may find few of them but storage units owners prefer locating them in the villages because it is more cost effective there than in the cities. A good number of metal storage units are kept in single storey buildings.

Metal storage units also differ in their features. There are some units that have many features such as security alarm system, fire alarm, temperature control system, automatic gates, surveillance cameras and others. You may not find all the features in a single storage unit but there are some that may have all of them.

There are different types of metal storage units that you will find. There are climate controlled units meant for the storage of items that can be affected by extreme weather condition. They can be used also for the storage of invaluable items. The temperature control system installed in this type of containers ensures that the temperature does not vary to the extent of causing damage to the item stored in the units.

Besides temperature controlled units, there are also standard metal units and portable or moveable storage units. You can store items that are not affected by changes in weather and that are not so much of great value in standard metal units. The portable metal storage units as implicit from the name are the type that you can move from one place to another. They are normally attached to a truck for easy movement. They also vary in size. The size will depend on the size of what will be stored in them and also on the capacity of the truck that will carry them.

Metal Storage units – Extra Office Space

The need for extra office space can never be ignored. Growth in business and organization operations leads to extra employees and functions that must be housed for smooth running of operations. This makes it necessary for business owners or organization mangers to look for extra office space. Rather than incur extra expenses in constructing new office blocks, businesses and organizations can simply make use of pre-built metal offices that are readily available in the market.

Designed and manufactured by different companies, metal offices for extra office space not only affordable but also take a short time to put up, which ensures that a business’ or organization’s operations are not adversely affected. Putting the offices up is also cost effective considering the fact that one does not need to have any technical knowledge to put the same up. This is because the pre-assembled offices come as complete pieces that only require assembling.

Because extra office need for different businesses and organizations differ, pre-assembled metal offices are available in different sizes. A business owner or an organization management only need to determine the amount of extra space required before shopping for the same. Although some of these offices can be found in local hardware outlets, the Internet has turned out to be the main source of the same. There are a good number of manufacturer sites that specialize in selling and shipping the same to different parts of the world. Businesses and organizations can also have these offices custom made to meet their unique office need.

Areas where pre-assembled metal offices are in use are diverse. It is now very common to find office establishments with ample grounds having metal offices nicely located in a part of their ground to serve a specific office function. Construction companies are perhaps the major users of metal offices, particularly in construction sites. Relief organizations are the other users of these offices, setting them up both as offices and for storage to serve the needs of those affected.

The use of pre-assembled metal offices is however not limited to businesses and organizations. It is nowadays very common to find many people working from home instead of working from their main offices. This can be because of varied reasons. Because working from home is usually has its challenges, setting up an office is always the best option. This is where pre-assembled metal offices become useful. Putting up such an office at home in the garden eliminates many challenges that include interruptions while working. Setting up such an office also eliminates the need to transform a room into an office.

Setting up n metal office at home is not only easy but also cost effective. It is a fact that city authorities have restrictions when it comes to adding additional room to an existing building. There are no restrictions when putting up a metal office in the yard. Most authorities only require notification of the same just to ensure that the office does not interfere with neighbors.

How to Pack your Items in a Metal Storage Unit

Storage units are widely used in the US. A good number of people, including families, individuals, students, and businesses are keeping their items in storage facilities for one reason or another. Whatever your reason for using one, one common factor is that when filling a unit, you need to have a strategy to make sure that your items are safe and easily accessible. Rather than filling the unit with no thought to retrieving items, think ahead, and plan for your next visit to the unit. This is because if you do not pack your items correctly or as you are supposed to do, you will find it difficult to locate any one that you want. Improper packing of items in the storage units can also cause damage to the unit. Here are some of the tips that you should use when you are packing your things in storage units.

For most items, sturdy cardboard boxes are appropriate for storage. Find boxes that are small enough that when filled, they will still be able to be moved. You may need to move things around in the unit to get to the box you want, and if all the boxes are too heavy for one person to life, you’re going to have a hard time. Label boxes clearly, and fill according to type of object or to how or for what purpose the items are used. Keep two lists of what’s in each box: one inside the box, and one separate, in a file in your home or office.

As are you packing the boxes in the storage unit, keep the boxes containing the items that you will need regularly on top or in position that you can easily access them without having to remove other boxes. Also, while packing the unit, leave some floor space in the shape of walkways among boxes. This way you won’t have to move 75% of your boxes to get to the one that’s buried at the back of the unit. You’ll just have to approach it from the correct walkway, and then maybe move one or two boxes that are on top of the one you want.

Metal objects can easily get rust when they are exposed to wet or when they are not properly treated. So, if you are storing any metal object in the unit, you should try to treat the object against rust. First make sure that the unit is dry and the object is moist free before you keep it. Apply rust protector on the object so that it will not rust. For machines that have movable parts like lawnmowers, it is advisable that you apply oil or grease on the movable parts so that it will not rust.

Warning: You should never store flammable liquid or gas in the storage facility. If you do, you are putting your item and the entire facility into serious problem. There is the probability of the liquid catching fire due to high temperature. It is also possible for somebody or even you to enter the unit with a cigarette forgetting that such liquid or gas is kept there. You should keep these consequences in mind.

Basic Sizes of Metal Storage Units

Metal storage units come in a variety of sizes in order to suit a number of different needs. Knowing the basic available sizes and what they’re best used for can come in very handy. Once you know that, you’ll know which choice is right for you. It is also good to mention that some sizes are suitable for individuals, while others are suitable for businesses. Here’s all the information you need!

Sizes suitable for personal items

5×5 Storage Unit: This is one of the smallest available sizes. The full dimension of the unit is equivalent to 25 square feet, and it’s for individuals who want to store smaller items like boxes, books, small furniture and appliances, and other compact items. It can also be used to store seasonal decorative items like Christmas décor, or even gardening tools that you don’t regularly use.

5×10 Storage Unit: With a total area of 50 square feet, this moderate-sized storage unit is great for personal use. The capacity is big enough to accommodate midsize furniture and electronics from a bedroom or living room. In addition, it’s easy enough to slip in anything you could fit into a smaller unit. If you have too many things to store than will fit in the smaller container, this is a good alternate option for you rather than going for two smaller units.

10×10 Storage Facility: This size unit is a perfect 10×10 square, which comes in at 100 square feet total. It’s large enough to contain a number of items, including two complete bedroom sets (or more, if you’re creative!).

10×15 Storage Facility: Clocking in at 150 square feet, this unit can store plenty of items, including up to three full bedrooms’ worth of furniture and boxes. If you’re moving and need temporary storage for your things, this is a good choice.

10×20 Storage Units: This is one of the largest sizes of units that’s best for personal use. At 200 square feet, it offers enough space to store an entire home’s worth of boxes and furniture.

There are many other larger sizes than those listed above, like 10×30 storage unit with an area of 300 square feet. Each of these storage units can also be used by businesses that have items to be stored on or off the business premises. The size suitable for such purposes depends on the size of items the business wants to store.