The Variety of Sizes for Metal Storage Units

Metal storage units together with concrete storage units are the most popular types of containers that many storage facilities are using today. Owing to the fact that the storage needs of consumers differ, there are various sizes of metal storage units provided by these facilities. It is the item that a consume wants to store that will determine the right size for the person. There are different sizes of metal containers that can be used for storage purposes. The popular ones are 10, 20 and 40 feet containers. It is important that you under the difference between each of these types of metal containers in order to know the type that will be suitable for you.

The 10 foot containers are those containers that are 10 feet in length which is 120 inches. They are small size of metal containers for the storage of little item. However, as metal can be cut into parts, it is also possible to join two 10 foot containers in order to form a 20 foot container. It is also possible to cut it into half to form a smaller metal storage unit. This size of containers is more flexible and so can be used for movable storage unit though a bigger size container can also be used.

The 20 foot containers are double of 10 foot containers. They are equal to 240 inches. They are moderate size and are suitable for people whose items are not much but cannot enter 10 foot containers. It is used in ships for storage purposes as well as in storage facilities. It can either be made directly or by joining two 10 foot containers together. They are normally rectangular or square in shape.

The 40 foot containers are larger than standard size containers. The length of this type of container is equivalent to 480 inches. It is indeed a very large size of metal containers. It is used for the storage of large items in the ships and storage units. It is the commonest type of containers that are used for movement of heavy goods from one place to another. Cars and other heavy items are normally stored and shipped with this type of metal container.

A number of features can be included in each of these types of metal containers to suit the type of things that will be stored in them. For example, alarm system as well as fire alarm system can be installed in any of these sizes of containers in order to beef up the security of the storage unit. Normally, they do not come with windows. They all come with one door. However, extra doors and windows can be created depending on the purpose they are meant to serve. For example, 40 foot containers can be used to create an office space. In this regard, it will require the addition of window and extra doors if there is a need for that. Space can also be created for the installation of air conditioner and other features that are available in an office.