If you thought renting a car was as simple as striding across a fleet of shiny new cars and picking the one that caught your fancy and driving off in it, then you are sadly mistaken. For the business travelers or the executive class who rent a car through the loyalty programs, the scenario of pick any car and drive it off might work, however the same is not true in case of the average travelers. You must have heard about the horror stories of other people so here are some tips to ensure that you enjoy a hassle free experience.

Pre-book Your Vehicle

You would definitely not like to stand in the long queue waiting for your turn to rent a vehicle at the airport; hence we recommend that you opt for the pre-booked rental services to get a lucrative deal on your vehicle. There are several perks associated with renting your car online as this is how you can save time and money too.  When you book your rental car online, you can check the various travel sites and compare prices to get the best possible deal.

In case you are stuck in a situation where you could not manage to pre book a rental car, we would recommend that you visit the various -site rental firms that are easily accessible from the airport, via the shuttle or train. The prices are mostly cheaper than the on-airport operators.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

When renting a car, the rental firms will try to sell you an insurance cover for your safety, but before you pay for it, check with your own auto insurance to see if you are already insured in such cases. This might save you up to $10 per day on car rental. Furthermore, even if you are covered by your own auto insurance, it might not cover a rental car that is expensive than your personal one. Thus it always helps to check in advance.

If you do not wish to taint your own insurance and wish to keep the record clean, you may opt for the insurance offered by the rental company. However, read the fine prints of the policy carefully before signing the papers.

Use Your Camera to Stay Safe

Many rental firms tend to bill customers outrageously for the damages after they return the vehicle. To avoid such bills, we recommend that you take pictures of the vehicle as an evidence of the vehicle’s condition at the time of renting. Any type of imperfection that you notice in the vehicle should be documented properly to ensure that you are not framed for it later on.

Regardless of where you fly to, you will find rent-a-car service available everywhere to make your business trip of vacation hassle-free and enjoyable. You may use the mobile apps to rent vehicles with ease or pre book them online. If you do not have internet connectivity, a simple call to the agency is all you need to rent a car.

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